Making Peace in the Midst of War



History has left in its wake a trail of blood that was brought about by the influx and incessant wars. Not surprising though, as many wars usually result from personal differences and conflict; it just goes to show how petty quarrels can affect a whole nation. But that notwithstanding, some nations have over the years found ways to curb these wars, that is why when having the U.N bodies and other bodies alike that help with the curbing of these wars.


Wars have been an intrinsic part of history; looking and analysing the history of wars, starting from the first world war, to the second, then the cold war, and even in the nuclear age, you will see that the amount of mortalities it leaves in its wake is enough to start a new country. Which is why people, and organizations have clamored and are trying to make peace.


A different kind of war


One thing history has shown us is that war is diverse and far stretching, respecting no one and having regards for no office. The war we face today is a war not between nation, but a war against the world. A war in which terrorists and racial thinkers are sidelining the right thinking members of the society, killing off anyone opposing them, those who are against their beliefs.


Truth be told, although organizations like the United Nations are trying hard to curb the excess killing of people due to religious race and racial discrimination, there is just so much that they can do, it is up to us to fight this battle.


How we can end all kinds of war


One thing we should bear in mind is that wars are as a result of differences and greed amongst nations, and sometimes even within the street; the struggle for world power and sovereignty, one nation believing that they are supreme, and other nations should be subservient to them. There are several ways in which we can actually enforce peace in the society and the world at large.


Spirit of advocacy


The first way in which we can stop this wars is through advocacy. We need to learn to advocate for the unity of all humans, all race, no one should be superior over the other. We need to understand that human rights, whoever they may be; whether black or white, Jew or Muslim, Christian or Buddhist, are pertinent and important, and for that, we need to stand up against terrorist and racism. You will find groups supporting New Zealand sea creatures or African wild life. 


Understanding your political leaders

We should also learn to elects leaders who will stand up for peace. The only way we can achieve peace at the national level is when the leaders of the national level also clamor for peace, fair thinking leaders and resistant to racial differences. Leaders are a representative of the people, whatever they decide, will to a large extent affect the nation. Thus getting a good leader will solidify peace.


Learn to love more and be less grumpy


Human nature dictates that when people are grumpy and angry, they tend to make some life-altering decisions. Grumpy people should learn to be calm, relaxed and level minded, only then will they be able to think rationally, and to some appreciable extent, love more. And what other way to show love than to help around in your neighborhood. When this random acts of love are done in a small neighborhood and communities, it not only reflects in the community, but to the society, and the world at large.




Peace is something that is hard, but not impossible to attain. If we all do our parts, in small scale, then you would then have contributed to the rate of peace in the world. Believe that utopia is possible, believe that we can actually attain peace and we will. 

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