The truth is if you do not learn how to remove the excess fur from your dog, well, it will come off anyway, and it will be shed on your floors and couches. You will not like it. I was not aware that dogs should be assisted to shed the extra fur until I noticed that there was dog hair almost anywhere in my home.

Most dog owners contend with hair all the time. One of the questions that most people ask is whether it is possible to control dog hair. The answer is yes, it is possible. However, it takes some effort and bathing the dog regularly and grooming its fur helps a lot.

I found this information about dog hair brushes by chance when I was looking for information about the best dog shampoo on I was amazed that you can own a pet for decades and not know everything about taking care of it.

The fact is, if you help the dog get rid of extra fur, there will be less shed hair to contend with. Since either way the dog must shed extra hair, it is just better to help the process along. While it is good to buy a dog brush, you should know that it will not get rid of dog hair 100 percent. However, the amount that the dog will shed will be easy to manage.

When you use a shedding brush on your dog, the fur will look nice. No one likes a shabby dog because they think that the fur will fall off on them. Besides, a hair tool for dog fur helps a lot when you are cleaning the dog. You can reduce the time that you would have used on the dog bath.

One other advantage is that you will reduce the amount of dander, dust mites and other indoor allergens that the dog collects in its fur. If you keep a well-groomed dog, you will have less indoor allergens to contend with. These nasty little buggers hide inside the fur and are transferred to the house. This makes it impossible for you to eliminate indoor allergens from your home because the dog must come indoors from time to time.

By keeping a well-groomed dog, you will also be reducing the number of times that you have to clean up at home. When a dog sheds some serious amount of fur indoors, you may have to clean up a few times a week because no one likes fur on their carpets, couches and beds. It does not matter how much you restrict the dog from coming indoors. Fur has a way of finding its way inside.

There is no owning a loyal friend such as your dog and not have to pay the price for the same. Buying a shedding tool to help the dog get rid of extra fur is an easy feat. These tools cost just a little money and they last a long time. You can check the details here to see other benefits that you will enjoy when you buy a shedding brush for your dog.

Here are two dog brushes that you can buy:

Oster’s Shedmonster

Oster’s Shedmonster

In many places, you will find Shedmonster reviewed as one of the best tools for shedding fur in the market. Well, this is true. With just one brush, you can do many things with your dog fur. For example, you can de-mat the matted fur, de-tangle the tangles and de-shed hair at the same time. The manufacturer says that it is possible to reduce shedding by 90 percent when you use this tool. How true that claim is might be hard to determine unless you buy one.


Curved teeth made of stainless steel last a long time

It is on the hand thanks to the ergonomic design

The handle is non-slip – good for people with sweaty palms

It is very popular with many dog owners


Doesn’t have a button to help in removing fur to clean the brush



This is another of the good dog shedding tools that you can buy knowing that you will get good value for your money. It is good for use on both the long-haired and short-haired dogs. The manufacturer claims it is capable of reducing shedding by 90 percent. Resources on show this to be a popular fur remover with many dog owners.


Easy to use

Has a fur ejector button for easier cleaning

The handle is rubber-covered for comfort on your palms

Best for long and short furs


A bit costlier than others