Owning a dog comes with a long list of advantages. It also has its fair share of troubles though. One of them is pet hair. This can be such a pain in the neck to the pet owners. For instance, I took a day off work in order to thoroughly dust & clean my apartment.

It was such a tiring task but my house was sparkling clean. However, in no time, I saw fresh hair from my dog rolling all over the floor. I was quite frustrated but then dogs are supposed to shed fur. Then there was this afternoon when I prepared myself for a date, only to get to the hotel and find myself full of dog hair. It was clinging to my jeans trouser. Luckily, my date understood, being a dog person himself.

This small incident pushed me to find out more information about shedding. Keeping your couches all nice and clean and free of pet hair is not all there is to it. Why and when does it happen? Is it possible to stop the shedding?

Is shedding really an issue?

brushing dogs hair

I must say ‘a big one’ indeed. My experience with dog hair has been so annoying. There is nothing poetic about having pet hair all over you, in the car, in the house and so on. In fact, research was conducted and the results showed that 85 percent of pet owners claimed that their pets shed hair irregularly but 15 percent said theirs shed hair seasonally.

How do you deal with pet hair?

If you own a pet, it could be a cat or even a dog, dealing with hair is part of being a pet owner. However, you can deal with the situation by brushing the pet or even vacuuming. The biggest percentage of pet owners sweep or vacuum often while other chose to groom or brush their pets regularly.

How you can deal with pet hair effectively

Inside the house

One reliable way of dealing with your dog’s hair inside the house is by vacuuming. Be sure to change filters often and clean the beddings regularly.

Here is what you would need to pay attention to:

Beddings – These ones should be cleaned on weekly basis. The beds ought to have washable covers. If you are a buying a house, always go for one with hardwood or tile flooring. These floors are best when dealing with pet shedding.

Wear rubber gloves – I use rubber gloves when dealing with my dog’s hair when it’s on my furniture. It easily comes off sparing me from stress. Also, a dry sponge can help some as it balls up pet hair. You can also try using blankets & slipcovers to cover your furniture. These are easier because one only has to put them in the washer.

Can one reduce shedding?

dog taking a bath

Yes, you can. If the shedding is too much, using rinses and shampoo cream can help. These products should be of good quality. Be sure to bathe your pet often, and you will see a huge difference.

Finally, the only sure way of dealing with pet hair effectively in your home is vacuuming regularly as well as brushing the pet. Vacuuming is my favorite strategy, and I have set at least one day a week to do it.